April 22, 2014
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Since the inception of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), Sandy and her company have been proud to devote time and effort toward this organization that provides remembrance photography for parents suffering the loss of a baby.

This week Sevenly is giving you the opportunity to be a part of the fundraising effort to support this worthy charity.  For every item purchased, Sevenly will donate $7 to NILMDTS. Your donation will help fund photography sessions and portraits Please shop generously!

April 16, 2014
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Many people have asked why there are so many orphans in China and why they are almost always girls. It is hard to imagine that China has over 1.4 billion people. (The US has just over 300 million). For that reason China has a one child policy. (Recent changes allow parents that are only children to have 2). To view the images CLICK HERE


Although China has the world's largest population, it is interesting to note that there are only about 500 family surnames. Culturally, carrying a family name is very important here. For this reason, in the past girls were abandoned (best case scenario) by the hundreds on a daily basis. These days China has done a tremendous job pouring millions into child welfare and most healthy girls are adopted domestically. Sadly however, there are still hundred of thousands of babies and children that are abandoned because they have special medical needs. These can range from a cleft pallet or heart conditions to missing limbs or HIV. Although care is better than it was, there are still typically only one care giver for every 15-25 babies. It is impossible for them to hold, nurture and love each of the children individually. They are dressed alike, eat, sleep and are changed in a very systematic way. There is a lot that I would like to say but I can't. Just know that these babies are in need of a forever home. To view the images CLICK HERE

The babies you see in my images are from the Lily Orphan Care Centers (LOCC). These are the lucky babies (typically 20-25) that are selected to be cared for so that they can be adopted internationally. Through your donations they receive clothes, better food, and the most important part--individual care plans. They have a 1:5 nanny ratio. (I am not allowed to photograph the other children or the rooms they are located in). The babies you see are fat, happy and loved, they just need a forever family. Please look into CCAI Adoption if you feel you can help. To view the images CLICK HERE


Regardless of your opinions *PLEASE* be careful what you say. It is more critical that we show the wonderful side of China and the positive steps being taken to help these children find forever families and anything negative could destroy the relationships that allow these babies to be placed.  To view the images CLICK HERE

Photo credit Nikolai Puc' Photography

April 10, 2014
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I was so blessed to be able to see these kids with their parents the next morning.

Honestly the “gotcha day” was so crazy and full of so much crying that it was heard for me to sleep thinking of these poor frightened children. Seeing them at breakfast laughing, playing, smiling and loving their new parents helped me see that although it is hard for these children, the love these parents have helps ease the fear so quickly. To view the images CLICK HERE


A big thank you to all of the families that let me document their journey. It was such a life changing experience for me. To view the images CLICK HERE


To view the images CLICK HERE

Photo credit:  Nikolai Puc' Photography

April 08, 2014
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I had the privilege of interviewing, filming and watching parents see their beautiful Chinese babies for the first time. There were so many emotions as we all prepped for the moment. We had been warned that there would be lots of screaming and tears. This is a good thing because the kids have been well loved and don't want to leave their nannies. It was total chaos but in the midst of it all some of the most precious moments I have seen on this trip happened.  To view the images CLICK HERE


I think it was best explained that although this is the greatest day in the parents life, it is the worst day in the child's. They are leaving their home, their language and faces they know, for a world yet to be revealed.  To view the images CLICK HERE


I can't wait to share the changes the next morning. By breakfast you would have thought these kids were raised by their new parents. They were smiling, waving, laughing and holding on the their Ba Ba and Ma Ma's so tight. I am not sure what part made me cry harder.  To view the images CLICK HERE

Each of these children have special needs. From cleft pallet, heart condition, missing limb or HIV. They were all welcomed into their new families as perfect additions. 

To view all of the images, CLICK HERE

Photos by Nikolai Puc' Photography